New Species Of Frog Unearthed In Peruvian Amazon jungle

of marsupial frog has been discovered in Peru's Amazon jungle

New species of marsupial frog has been discovered in Peru’s Amazon jungle. This has been confirmed by the state service for natural protected areas said on Monday. The spies has been characterized in the Gastrotheca genus of tailless frogs found in South and Central America.

of marsupial frog has been discovered in Peru's Amazon jungle

Accordig to the SERNANP service, “The Cordillera de Colan National Sanctuary made an important discovery for science: a new species of marsupial frog registered for the first time in this protected area in the Amazon region,”

The species has been discovered few weeks ago during the study on a study in the humid tundra and mountainous woodland area of the Cordilleras de Colan, an Amazon region in the north of Peru close to the Ecuador border that sits at 3,100 meters altitude.

“This new species is distinguished by having a thick granular skin on the back, a green dorsal colouration without a pattern, turquoise iris and a belly without spots, specks or dots,” said SERNANP.

New Frog Species unearthed in Peru

The Cordillera de Colan National Sanctuary spans more than 39,000 hectares and includes six areas of threatened wildlife. According to the Peruvian authorities, this area if great biological importance as several unique species live there and hence listed as classified as a priority site for conservation.

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