Top 10 Cutest Things In The World


Cutest things in the world can be anything like Kiss from Mom or dad in the forehead, The most unexpected birthday wish from childhood friends, Pillow fight, remote fight with sister or brother, Rain walk with a cuddle from him, love between a Dad & daughter. According to me, baby animals are the cutest. See the pictures below and tell me if you agree. Let me list down some of the cutest things in the world,

Cutest Things In The World


Kittens are the cutest things in the world. Its bord with the closed eyes and totally rely on instinct and the mother’s help to feed on her milk. Initially, they have blue eyes, howvever, most of the species change pigment during the first year of life. Siamese cat breed retains the blue colour of the eye. Kittens are small but they have a superhuman sense of smell. Also, they have one of the best hearing capabilities of all land mammals. Kittens used to sleep around 18 Hours Per Day.

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On a cuteness scale, both kittens and puppies are alike where puppies look like a cloud. There is a scientific study that says puppies are heart-meltingly cute. There is national puppy day happens on every 23rd March tp celebrate the cuteness of the species. Puppies are functionally blind and deaf at birth since on day one their eyes are firmly shut and their ear canals closed. Also, poppies are born completely toothless, however, later, after 2 to 4 weeks of age, tooth wills tart coming out. Just like kittens, puppies also take a lot of naps.

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3.Baby Penguins

Penguins are the flightless seabirds mostly seen below the equator. Penguins used to spend half of their life on land and the other half in water. The time has changed their evolution where their wings act like flippers and hence they are great swimmers. Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguins that can grow upto 3 to 4 feet. Penguins and their babies are adorable little creatures that are the subject of many movies and books. Penguins dont have any natural predators on land and they dont consider humans a threat, however, they have water predators such as sharks, leopard seals and orcas.

Baby Penguins

4.Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs are another cutest things in the world that was born with tawny black spots that disappear when they grow older. During the time of giving birth, the mother used to leave the pride and take her lion babies in dense cover. Female lion mother used to pick the cubs by the scruff of the neck. Baby lions will keep hidden for one to two months before being introduced to the rest of the pride. Lions are apex predators which means they are at the top of the food chain.

Lion Cubs

5.Baby Humans

Humans baby are too one of the cutest things in the world and the eyes are almost as big as an adult’s human eyes. Baby humans are born with 300 bones, howvever, an adult has 206 because of multiple bone fuse as we age. The primary reason for them to be cutest because human infants are the only species that smile at their parents. Just like other species, babies sleep, on average, 5400 hours in the first year.

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Baby Humans

6.Baby Kangaroos

Kangaroos are large marsupials that are only seen in Australia. They are primarily identified by muscular tails, strong back legs, large feet and pointed ears. It belongs to the Macropodidae family that also includes tree-kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, quokkas and pademelons. Baby kangaroos mostly eat plants and they can be nocturnal which mean they can be only active in the night and graze at night. Red kangaroos leave the mother pouch at around eight months whereas grey kangaroos leave the pouch at about 11 months.

Baby Kangaroos


Chickens are first domesticated for the purpose of cockfights and not for food. Baby chickens are called chicks and the female chickens are pullets until they’re old enough to lay eggs and become hens. Male chickens are called roosters, cocks or cockerels but that depends on the country. Chickens are not totally flightless bird they can get airborne enough to make it over a fence or into a tree. Chickens are omnivorous where they can eat seeds and insects. They have also seen eating lizards and other smaller animals.

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Ducklings are one of teh cutest things in the world and were born without feathers and also have a fluffy fuzz-like covering. When they grow up there feathers grow into waterproof that makes them stain the water all day. Ducks are omnivorous and love to eat grass, aquatic plants, insects, seeds, fruit, fish, crustaceans and other types of food. All duckings that are younger than 10 days has been instructed to stay close to the mother so that attack of predators can be avoided.



Chipmunks are small rodents that belong to the family Sciuridae. They are mostly seen in North America and have only on exception of the Siberian chipmunk which was primarily seen in Asia. It needs atleast 15 hours of sleep per day. There are species of Chipmunks that prefers making nests in logs or bushes, however, most of them prefer to have underground burrows. Chipmunks has multiple predators that include owls, hawks, weasels, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, lynxes, cats, dogs, snakes, and sometimes other squirrel species.

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10.Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are also known as cavy or domestic guinea pig is also a species that belongs to the rodent family Caviidae and belong to the genus Cavia. The species originated in the Andes where male one is known as a boar and female is called a sow. The avarage lifespan of Guinea pigs is 7 and 9 years. It is not able to make its own vitamin C so it needs to be supplemented into their diet. It has 4 toes on the forefoot and 3 on the hindfoot.

Guinea Pigs

These are the top 10 cutest things in the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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